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Lambcottage small business referral network

Looking for more people to find out about your company or what you do? We can help…. We are a referral networking group in Orange County. We help people that want to find out about good companies and services in Orange County. Anyone can join membership is free, just fill our the request form on our website. People that have a small business or services can list their company or services. The public or people looking for extra income can become referral associates. Get paid for referrals from our members looking for new customers and who want to pay people to find new customers. You can benefit from our group in many ways and support your community. We are building a sales force promoting companies and services in Orange County. Our goal it to help people find local companies to do business with. Our group helps people broadcast and make media about products or services.

We are looking for people to join our team. The main skill we need is a person that like to talk with others. Education is not that important. multi cultural is a plus. Willing to talk to Business owners as well as everyday people. Using a website is a must, we use our company website as our main information source. You can benefit from this job in many ways and support your community. We are looking for people that want to make extra money. We prefer people that already have a main job but looking for other ways to make money while still working. You can make up to $2000 for just one referral. If this sounds interesting contact us. ( Click here to learn more about becoming a “Referral Associate”Referral Associate” )

We are a networking group about small business. We help and promote companies anywhere that want to tell their story or promote their company. People can find out about companies and services. You can help support what makes America Great and that is small business and local people. This is what makes America great not a person or a party. The truth is it is the people, that means YOU….

We have just started on a media project that will feature a showcase of companies in Orange County. It will be on cable TV on the “News of the World” station,YouTube and high traffic websites. Aimed at people visiting or living here. The “News of the World” has local, nation wide and world viewers. If you want to find out how you can be apart of the show and have a 5-10 min showcase made at your location in a tour and interview format way below the cost of Google AD words or Yelp. We will explain a way greater value of how you can reach tens of 1,000’s of people. Contact us we will give you a personal tour of the cable broadcasting company and let you talk personally with the CEO.

There is no greater investment than you can make is using your power of consuming goods and services to bring about change. Your dollar is greater that the power to vote in our current society. . LC Publishing is a company where we offer services from our community. Ours is a referral network for people looking to find quality companies that serve the public.

People can find out about new products and services. You can add a listing by joining or network or buy things directly from members who place listings. Giving everyone the ability to find products and services people may need.

We are looking to the future and what people need to know and have created a new section of our site. Here you will find green products and information. The future generations will be facing new challenges. Clean energy info and products will be featured. People need to embrace this and move forward to solve the problems mankind will be facing.Our group is interested in future trends and solutions. Small business development is our primary goal. Clean energy information, products and solutions is important so we will be featuring this as everyones future and all the people of the world depends on moving forward in this area.

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