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Orange County camber of commerce

We work like a camber of commerce in Orange County. We want everyone to make extra money. We are a referral networking group in Orange County. Some of our members share the wealth and give great commissions for leads that pay off. You can make up to $2000 dollars for just one lead. Our economy depends of everyone making money so some of our members share. After being apart of many camber of commerce’s and networking groups. We developed something different. For one thing it is free to join and add your information, pictures and videos and it works just like Facebook even on a phone. I have never been to a networking group or chamber of commerce where you can do this free.

Featured members can make offers and it goes out to other people that are wanting to make extra money. This way you can use a sales force to get your word out and attract new customers. Some companies have something that they can offer people as an incentive. So far there are several offers you can take advantage of to generate extra income and you can add yours too. Looking for more people to find out about your company or what you do? We can help…. We help people find out about great companies and services.

You can join for no membership fee just fill our the request form on our website. People that have a small business or services can list their company or services. You can benefit for our group in many ways. We have a sales force of everyday people that want to get paid for referrals from our members that want to make a referral offers. Other members are free to showcase what they do without making any offers. This is how the world works now. The more places you talk about what you do it builds your brand and generates more traffic to your own website. Not only do the search engines work by SEO they also work by how many websites talk or list your website. This is called ranking. Any member can refer their friends, family and co-workers to our members that have something to offer plus our members will give personal attention to customers that are referred. Our goal it to help people find local companies to do business with and for people to make money from sending people to great companies. Our group helps people broadcast and make media about products or services. We make websites and media also. If you want to find out more call us for more information.

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