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Part time income for giving referrals

Looking to make extra money by helping local companies?

We have several great companies in Orange County willing to pay you for helping them find new customers.

We are a referral networking group in Orange County.

We help people that want to find out about good companies and services in Orange County. Anyone can join membership is free, just fill our the request form on our website. People that have a small business or services can list their company or services. The public or people looking for extra income can become referral associates. Get paid for referrals from our members looking for new customers and who want to pay people to find new customers. ( Ex. $2000 for just one realty lead )You can benefit from our group in many ways and support your community. We are building a sales force promoting companies and services in Orange County. Our goal it to help people find local companies to do business with. Our group helps people broadcast and make media about products or services. It will be on cable TV on the “News of the World” station,YouTube and high traffic websites. Aimed at people visiting or living here. The “News of the World” has local, nation wide and world viewers. If you want to find out how you can be apart of the show and have a 5-10 min showcase made at your location in a tour and interview format way below the cost of other ways. We will explain a way greater value of how you can reach tens of 1,000’s of people. Contact us we will give you a tour of the cable broadcasting company and let you talk personally with the CEO. If you want to find out more call us for more information – 714-910-4719

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