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We are starting a resource and information site about our changing world offering humanitarian aid to people, news and information. Fueled by global warming and social changes people are looking for solutions and resources to help people. The website is build by volunteers that have a concern for the future and how to deal with the changing world. We want to feature companies and technologies that can help people and connect them to what they are looking for. Disaster Recovery is important so we will feature Disasters and solutions like Energy Efficient house plans, sometimes called “green living” house plans, employ strategies to reduce energy consumption and utilities costs. Retrofitting heating equipment in older houses, results in household savings of 30–80% due to cut in energy-use and a reduction of CO2-outlets by 30–100%. Green building referrals to a companies that can help you with your home improvement needs. Financial Partners a team of professionals who are eager to guide you through this big financial commitment to fit your needs. Fix up or do renovations home professionals that can help. General consulting and networking people and companies looking into the future and better ways to live using improved efficiency in buildings.